Making Decisions Related to Group Travel

Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad can allow a person to experience a new culture and a new way of living.

When traveling outside of the United States it is important to know how to stay safe and ways to stay safe when so far away from home.

Before traveling a person needs to look at any restrictions. They may need to be vaccinated to enter the country. They should also check out the rates of COVID 19 and any mandatory safety measures that the country has.


When a person is out exploring the culture they should not have everything with that at one time.

They should not carry cash, credit cards, ID cards, and other essential items in one back. They should take their ID and money and leave the rest locked in a hotel safe. If a person were to get robbed or lose something it is not a total loss.


Do not put things in the pockets on pants or shorts, especially the back pockets.


Pick pocketing is still common and a person will not know that things are gone until it is too late.


If a person does carry a purse or bag they need to keep it on the front of their body.

When walking around it is best to look at the surroundings. They should make sure there is nothing that they have left behind and that nothing appears to be a threat. If a person is not feeling safe they should ask for security to escort them.

When traveling less is more. A person should not bring their expensive jewelry or anything else costly with them. This will make them a target. A person can look nice but they should not worry about designer brands. It is better to keep things simple.

These are some safety tips for traveling abroad. A person can remain safe and still have fun by following some simple advice.

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